• Weil Bio nicht gleich Bio ist

    Weil Bio nicht gleich Bio ist

    Gemeinsam mit Catch habe ich einen Tag auf dem Bauernhof dokumentiert.

  • Die Zahnärzte Esens

    Die Zahnärzte Esens

    Ein schönes kleine Projekt

  • Axa meine Gesundheit

    Axa meine Gesundheit

    Concept&Design by Crosscutmedia, my task was the Animation

  • Milupa Clips

    Milupa Clips

    I was happy to work on some cute 2D Characteranimations in collaboration with Toeffy

  • loops

  • Alkohol Im Körper

    Alkohol Im Körper

    Movies about Alkohol and Alkoholprevention for School.

  • AVClipTracker


    This short infographic explains the functionality of the award winning Production Workflow App AVClipTracker.

  • Parkplatzliebe


    Loverboy and Kitty78 arrange a parking lot sex meeting online.
    But the ‚love adventure‘ doesn’t work out the way they imagined.

  • Missing Link

    Missing Link

    Missing Link explains unexpected and amusing connections between different themes. I did 18 of these Clips. Animation: Björn Frieling Collage: Johannes Schebler Alexander Livigni Artdirection: diverse Creation & Production: ZDF […]

  • CXI_13 Trailer

    CXI_13 Trailer

    Intro and Speaker Trailers for the CXI_13 conference

  • travel photography

  • Ich bin nicht Alice!

    Ich bin nicht Alice!

    Die Stewadess Carolin ist unsterblich in den TV-Seelsorger Francis verliebt..

  • Silomat


    This piece was animated by Melih Bilgil and meat Quadrolux Animation: Björn Frieling & Melih Bilgil Concept,Illustration  & Produktion: Quadrolux 0´39″ HD  

  • Frontal 21

    Frontal 21

    For the Tv magazine „Frontal 21“ worked on several animations. done at Quadrolux, Basic Layout: Quadrolux Layout & Animation: Björn Frieling

  • Nakam


    The Jewish Brigade was part of the British army during the last year of the Second World War…

  • Peng Dokuslam III Trailer

    Peng Dokuslam III Trailer

    This Trailer was done by
    dieBlase.com for the Peng Doku
    Slam III Dokumentarfilmfestival
    in the Capitol Cinema Mainz.

  • 11813 TV-Spot

    11813 TV-Spot

    a low Budget ad for low Budget rates…

  • Mr.Big und die stars

    Mr.Big und die stars

    Trailer for Mr. Big and the stars

  • From Lab to Life

    From Lab to Life

    This Animation is a technique-mixture between Stop Motion and Computer Animation, Pictures and Cut-Outs. This Work was done for Quadrolux, Story & Concept: Quadrolux Layout & Animation: Björn Frieling

  • DUNA Jam Festival Music Clips

    DUNA Jam Festival Music Clips

    Musicvideoclips for The DUNA Jam Festival 2009 & 2010:

  • X:enius educational Animation

    X:enius educational Animation

    3 different educational Animation for X:enius

  • Babylon 2084

    Babylon 2084

    E90-1248 is working as a sorter of
    building material in one of two
    towers which are facing each other
    in an endless expanse of water…

  • Mein Traum von mir

    Mein Traum von mir

    Mein Traum von mir was done at Buerau23 °° °°°

  • Zuckertütenmärchen


    A fairy tale film about daydreamer Anton…

  • Der Teufel und der Schwan

    Der Teufel und der Schwan

    Eine junge Frau wandert in Gedanken versunken mit
    einem Koffer einsam über Felder und Wiesen…

  • Irretio


    A man and a woman drawning, trapped in a net…

  • Dosenbier is back in town

    Dosenbier is back in town

    Dosenbier is back in town is a short animation about the Recycling problems in Germany.

  • Mutual


    Mutual is a experimental
    music video. There is a fusion
    beween Image and sound…