Alnatura Kampagne

Gemeinsam mit Catch habe ich einen Tag auf dem Bauernhof dokumentiert.
Herausgekommen ist ein kleiner netter Film für Alnatura

Parkplatzliebe im Stream

Spiegel online hat Parkplatzliebe online gestellt.

Riot Of Colours – Moonlit Night

The Riot Of Colours livevideo „Moonlit Night“ is online,
i was participate das a Camera Operator.
the whole Gig was filmed by „Von Schlechten Eltern“

Riot Of Colours – Moonlit Night (live) from Von Schlechten Eltern on Vimeo.

hier ein kleiner Zusammenschnitt der Kameraarbeit für ein freies Projekt

Kaffee Kommune from Bjoern Frieling on Vimeo.

Milupa Character Animations

I was happy to work on some cute 2D Characteranimations in collaboration with Toeffy


kleiner Eintages Loop

Schmidthachenbach kennt keiner

Heute abend lätft im SWR die Doku Schmidthachenbach kennt keiner.
Dafür durfte ich die getrackte Titelsequenz erstellen.


European Satellite Navigation Competition & Copernicus Masters

The first Trailer of the Award Ceremony 2014 is posted by Anwendungszentrum GmbH
I did all the Animations and Graphics.

festivalupdates for Parkplatzliebe

Peter send me some upcoming Festival for Parkplatzliebe.
February, Parkplatzliebe goes Hollywood at: Hollywood Independent Film Festival
8.02-18.02 Berlin Independent Film Festival
26.03-31.03 Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival

It was screened at the Filmz Festival
and reached the Final Round at Filmfest Düsseldorf
Congratulation, Hamsterfilm !




Mine und Orchester – Nicht Für Mich (Live in Mannheim)

Some clips from the umpconig Mine DVD recorde live in Mannheim.
buy the DVD with the full-length Gig here:


New Short filmed for Hamster-Film

Last month I shot the new Short by Peter Meister from hamster-film.
a synopsis will follow

Anna Börger
Mex Schlüpfer

Produkion : Frédéric Hambalek
Director:  Peter Meister
Assistant: Director: Dennis Schanz
Cinematography: Björn Frieling
Gaffer:  Joscha Brück
Best Boy : Daniel Mauthe
Assistant Camera Jan Jungwirth
Sound mixer: Andreas Fitza
Set Decoration: Felicitas Hammerstein

„Nakam“ Teaser

The Teaser from „Nakam“, a shortmovie directed by Eric Tosstorff is online.

It was shot by me. We had the fun to Shoot on REDOne.

Here´s the Teaser:


Babylon again:

Animation & Camera Reel ´11

Finally I managed to edit my new reels. I will chance some party later

Exzess All Areas

Here you can watch the Trailer:

Konstantin: Mr. Gonzo
DJ Sascha: Fuzzel
Boss: Harald Preis

Director: Max Michael Rohland
Camera: Björn Frieling
Audio& Editing: Aline Koch
Production: gONZo Verlag
Art Directiont: die blase
Musik: Thalstroem / Sugar Candy Mountain



„Exzess All Areas“ Shooting

This trailer shooting was done to advertise Trini Trimpop´s Book  „Exzess All Areas“
wich will be released in October 2011 @ Gonzo Verlag
I did camerawork at this Projects. It was 2 days of fun shootung it. Thanks for all the help!

Zuckertütenmärchen Online

Julia Fink, Director of this Short-movie uploaded it on Vimeo,

Have fun watching it!

some new Dunajam Clips

two new „old“ Dunajamclips from 2009 have been uploaded.

I did the editing & camerawork , second camera was done by  Alexander Ertle.

Dozer, Swedish Stonerrock:


Highway Child is a danish Psychedelicrock Band:


These two Clips are from 2010,

I was just involved with some Camerawork,

so editing & first camera was done by Tiberio Sorvillo


Seven That Spells, Psychedelicrock from Croatia:

And the Norwegian Psychedelicrockers Motorpsycho:


have fun!

Shooting finished

The shooting of  Alice the new shortmovie written an directed by Vanouch Balian
is now finished and ready to get edited.It´s produced by
my task was camera. Pictures and snippets will come soon!

Peng Dokuslam III Trailer

We just finished a small projekt with for the „Peng DokuslamIII“  29-30.4.2011 @ Capitol Kino

Production: Flo Kuster
Director: Christoph Schulte
Camera, Lights & Editing: Björn Frieling
Design/Setdesign: Maike Klamp
Audio: Flo Kuster, Aline Koch
Motion: Christoph Schulte